ReddDog and the Snowy Ride:  
Redd Dog attended their first Snowy Ride in 2008.  Since then, they have been a keen supporter of the Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation and the annual Snowy Ride - an initiative which raises money to help find a cure for childhood cancer.   

In 2009, the company raised over $10,000 for the Foundation (through the sale of Honda Fireblade raffle tickets).  In 2010 Redd Dog raised $4000 through the sale of motorcycle clothing and Raffle tickets.  In 2013 (and for years to come) we would like to raise a lot more.

Our determination in this endeavour does not result from experience or unfortunate circumstances.   By contrast, its just our way of being thankful for being blessed to have such a healthy, happy family, and to help those who are not as fortunate.   

Redd Dog are excited about now being able to incorporate these fund-raising efforts into their every-day business.  Through our motorcycle clothing range, we are committed to donating part of the proceeds of EVERY top we sell, to the Stephen Walter Children's Cancer Foundation. 

We look forward to the Snowy Ride each year (not only so that Iwe can unwind and unleash ourselves on the awesome roads around the Snowy Mountains, but now even more-so, as we will be able to hand over one (of hopefully many) annual snowy ride Redd Dog cheque to the Steven Walter Foundation.


About the Snowy Ride:  
The Snowy Ride is a motorcycle event run annually in the Alpine Region of NSW with the aim of involving motorcycle riders from all over Australia to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. It is also an opportunity for riders to enjoy a weekend away with their friends and family and to ride some of Australia’s best and most picturesque roads. 

The first Snowy Ride was launched in 2001 as a request from Steven Walter, a young man who lost his 8 year fight against cancer. Steve's whole life revolved around motorcycles, both racing and pleasure. He loved motorcycle riding and asked that a charity motorcycle ride be organised to raise funds for cancer research and cancer care, “So that one day no other kid will have to go through what I’ve been through

... t
hat's why there is a Snowy Ride.
To find out more about the Foundation, or to register for the next Snowy Ride, please visit:

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