ReddDog unleashes its winter range

Aussie Motorcycle Clothing Company 
launches its innovative merino clothing range to riders
We are a motorcycle clothing company, at home in the Capital country.  And we are very proud to be able to unleash our first winter range of pure merino clothing designed by riders for riders.

As a Capital-country based motorcycle clothing company, we were very excited and proud to be able to launch our winter 2010 range of merino bike tops for men and women at Canberra Motorcycle Centre in Fyshwick, on Saturday 19th June.  The results have been overwhelming and we appreciate all the comments and feedback we have received to-date. We inivte motorcycle riders, pillions, retailers and web readers to come along and check it out...
Our tops are designed specifically for riders:  

with hidden thumb loops, a motorcycle elbow design and a slightly longer body length to cater for the sport’s bike riding position.  
 And because our tops are as warm as a jumper but without the bulk, they fit comfortably under protective riding jackets, and they can also pack down well, which makes it ideal for touring with very limited luggage space.

We sourced the best quality merino we could find:  
After much research and product testing, we settled on a premium quality 340gsm pure merino wool from New Zealand for our winter MOTO340 range which not only provided the best next-to-skin comfort, but would also satisfy all their other stringent criteria:
“Our pure merino tops not only look and feel fantastic, they have superior thermal control and insulation, particularly when compared to synthetic fibres.  Long gone are the days of the woollen school jumper that resembled “steel-wool”  (both in terms of looks and feel)”. 
Merino is a fabulous natural fibre, with a huge number of benefits, like: next-to-skin comfort, thermal control and insulation, breathability, moisture and odour management and UV protection.  They’re also light-weight, low-bulk, quick-drying, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, anti-pilling, and easy-care (just throw it in the washing machine with like colours and line dry).
 It’s no surprise that merino wool has a proven reputation as the preferred product in most high performance and cold climate adventure-wear. 
So how did it all start?
As any cold-climate rider will know, riding in the middle of a Canberra winter is enough to “freeze the balls off any brass monkey”. 
And having ridden through just about every weather condition conceivable, and in as just as many countries, they set their minds to addressing one of the biggest clothing obstacles presented to them and their fellow riders – how to stay warm without feeling and looking like the Michelin Man in the middle of winter.
Being based in the Capital region, “our aim was to produce a line of winter apparel for both men and women riders, that not only looked great, but kept you warm without feeling bulky and restricted under leathers and other protective riding gear.   
We have received a lot of positive feedback and design ideas from bike riders, particularly those that ride all year round”.  And knowing that our range is effective in this cold-climate area, means we can also look ahead to expanding our markets into other locations, both in Australia and abroad”.  
As a company which resides in rural New South Wales, they are proud to be able to say their products are “made in Australia”. Not only do they use merino wool which carries a guarantee of animal welfare, they source most of its inputs from Australia and (wherever possible), locally.  

Our product is designed locally, and our patterns, samples and design work are also provided locally. Our fabric comes from Australia and New Zealand (not quite Aussie, but still down-under), and our manufacturing is done in Australia. Our business is cold-climate (Capital Country)-based and we are very proud to be able to supply a premium quality product to fellow riders. 

We’ve since discovered some pretty awesome merino fabric in Australia, and are looking forward to being able to incorporate Aussie merino into some of our forthcoming ranges (including both the spring/autumn and summer collections) – after all, this area is one of the best superfine merino wool producing areas in the world
Proud supporte of the Steven Walter Foundation

ReddDog is also a keen supporter of the Steven Walter Children's Cancer Foundation and their annual Snowy Ride (held in Thredbo in November each year) – an initiative which raises money for research in Australia to help find a cure for childhood cancer.  And the owners of Redd Dog are excited about now being able to incorporate these fund-raising efforts into their every-day business.  

In FYE2010, we raised about $8,000 for the Foundation (through the sale of Honda Fireblade raffle tickets).

  - but since then we've diversified the way we help raise money for the foundation.

Redd Dog is committed to donating part of the proceeds of EVERY top we sell, to the Stephen Walter Children's Cancer Foundation. 

 Each year, in November we produced a limited-run Snowy Ride Redd Dog top for the annual Thredbo ride - which is our major fund-raiser for the Foundation.  Between the sale of raffle tickets, snowy ride tops and part proceeds from general merino top sales, we have been able to raise approximately $5000 each year.... Its small (at this stage) but we're still proud.
So where to from here:

We are aiming our sights pretty high.  We look forward to being the next Billabong (minus the share plummet!!)  or Mambo, but of the motorcycling world.  Just as these companies are synonymous with surfing, and companies like Ice Breaker and Mont go hand-in-hand with outdoor/adventure-wear, our aim is for Redd Dog to be the trusted name in Aussie motorcycling

And just as you don’t need to be a surfer to wear surf-wear, you don’t need to be a die-hard rider to wear Redd Dog – you just need a taste for quality, style and a need for warmth – without bulk.  

Our range also looks pretty good out and about – whether it is at a café, the pub, at work or just hanging about with mates”.
So we invite riders, ski enthusiasts, and other "cold-frogs" to check out our range.  ReddDog has just celebrated its 3RD YEAR in business, since we first launched our range at Canberra Motorcycle Centre on 19th June 2010, and opened our first ReddDog store in Bungendore (regional NSW) just before Christmas, that same year.     

We are always interested in feedback that helps us to continually improves our product (whether it relates to style, comfort, colour or performance).  

So we invite you to “test-ride” our winter apparel and tell us what you think
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